Atlanta artist series by Mutiny Artwrx studio members and family!


Learn more about our story and our talented studio members through our ongoing series on GPB-TV!


The story behind how the largest artist collective in the Southeast began and has grown into a marketing powerhouse for Atlanta’s most creative artists. Mutiny Artwrx founder, JP McChesney, is revolutionizing Atlanta’s art scene with a platform for artistic promotion, support and community.


Mutiny Artwrx is proud to present Wyanne Thompson!

Wyanne is an artist through and through, and her works paint a picture of the joy she brings others in her life. Learn about Wyanne's remarkable story, her life, her work, her process and more!


Mutiny Artwrx is proud to present Leigh Ann Culver!

Leigh Ann’s large scale portraiture in charcoal captures the essence of human characteristics and emotion.  She strives to tell those stories to allow viewers to have a safe space to relate to their truth.  Her portfolio consists of a wide range of subjects, from iconic figures to the homeless, making her one of the most dynamic artists working in the Southeast.


Mutiny Artwrx is proud to present Bob Rucker!

“Dumpster diving” takes on new meaning with this talented artist whose discoveries of discarded items have shaped his vision and creative trajectory. 


Mutiny Artwrx is proud to present Brandon Marshall!

Brandon’s mixed-media works combine vivid colors and textures over found objects, creating a unique energy on wood canvas.  Influenced by his day job in the film industry and his new family and baby daughter, Brandon’s powerful work has no visible frames as he strives to unite the anonymity of the abstract.


Mutiny Artwrx is proud to present JR HOOD!!

JR builds the coolest steampunk/whimsical lighting and gadgetry you will ever see. He also happens to be a great man! Get to know his passion and order your custom fixtures today!


Mutiny Artwrx is proud to present Rictavius!

Rick is a magician, time traveler, and a truly creative genius. He also has way more energy than that pink bunny, and better rhythm too! Check out his amazing creativity and tricks of the patina trade on glass, plaster, and well… all things awesome!


Mutiny Artwrx is proud to present our founder, JP McChesney!

JP launched his signature brand of art and furniture out of his garage in 2012.  Now, his work can be found in celebrity homes, Atlanta’s most popular restaurants, and gracing the walls of the new Mercedes Benz Falcons Stadium. Famous for his line of tables in brilliant, glossy hues, as well as other unique pieces like “Burniture” and “Pyroglyphs,” get an inside look at Dangerous Color’s talented crew and McChesney's transformative work. 


Our 1st annual ARTOBERFEST!

Presented by The Met and Mutiny Artwrx!

An epic all day party with live music, food trucks, 32 murals on the largest continous graffiti wall in the south east, a local makers market with 52 local artists, an interactive mural event, and of course 145 Mutiny Artwrx member's selling their work in our 75,000 square foot studio village!