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From the real to the surreal, Street Photographer Styron Pennywell captures the contrasts in society: good and bad, old and new, light and dark.  His passion is to document the everyday, ephemeral moments that happen and define what is about to happen. The raw honesty in Styron’s street photography is made up of movement, shadow and hidden connections that not everybody might see passing by. Follow him to the streets on Instagram @wellsty


We are Mr-3D. We make 3D avatars and offer a variety of cutting-edge creative services.

Step inside our incredible, custom-designed booth and an array of over 100 cameras capture you from every angle in one click. It’s so fast and easy, we can even scan kids and pets.

Your 3D digital avatar is rendered for you to download and share. Want your digital self to dance? We’re happy to make you shimmy!

If you're looking for an extraordinary keepsake, your digital avatar can be turned into a figurine. We call the figurines “Misters” and they make incredible gifts. Up to two people can be scanned at a time and multiple scans can be put together to create unique and special family portraits.

 In addition, we provide augmented and virtual reality capabilities as well as rigging and animation.

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In Haitian Creole there is a phrase, “route kraze,” literally translating to the road crashed or less literally, referring to being at a crossroad. This is where I found myself while studying the creole language in Miami for my sociology PhD research. During one transformative class, we went to visit the studio of Edouard Duval Carrie, a professional Haitian artist. It was the defining moment in my career:  I realized my graduate pursuit was over. I knew exactly what I wanted and I was standing among it. Despite being a gifted writer and interviewer, I left my PhD program shortly after to pursue art full-time.
There really has never been a time when I wasn’t an aritst-- I picked up oil painting naturally at 14. My work before and during graduate school was largely emotionally based, somewhat surreal, oil paintings. Paintings that came often at the dead of night when my hands couldn’t keep still. Post graduate school, I find my work to be much more focused. I paint strippers and I paint insects. Two very different muses that take two very different parts of my brain. I consider myself an oil painter but dabble in other areas such as dark room photography, sculpting and charcoal. I also incorporate glass or other mediums into paintings to add texture, layers, and to play with dimensions.
Currently I am working on a series titled, “Portrait of a Stripper,” which consists of large oil paintings of Atlanta’s strippers. Putting some of that graduate school knowledge to work, I interview the women before painting them and incorporate the interviews into the pieces. My goal is to paint the women from a female perspective, making them not solely sex objects but rather capturing the entirety of who they are.
My stripper work is figurative realism but is more emotional work for me than painting bugs. I must connect myself with the women while I paint them. I listen to their interviews, think about who they are and why they do what they do. Painting insects is more technical. It allows me to shut my brain down and zone in on every detail. I’m excited about both series and plan to showcase my work in Atlanta later this year.

For information about upcoming shows and where to view my art follow me on Instagram @mayhemartwork or visit my website